Every year PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S dredges many hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of material from the seabed and the harbours of Denmark and other regions of Northern Europe.

Projects range from the maintenance dredging of 1,000 m3 in small yachting marinas, excavation of trenches for cables and pipelines to the larger capital dredging works of many tens of thousands of cubic meters in navigation channels and harbours.

Many different types of material are dredged, so the company has at its disposal equipment for every eventuality; from the dredging of soft, often polluted material in industrial shipyards to the capital dredging of hard glacial clays, chalk and other bedrock materials.

No matter if the material has to be transported over long or short distances, dumped, shipped or pumped, PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has the vessel and the equipment to suit all requirements.

The fleet consists of vessels from the smaller M/V PETER MADSEN that is especially suitable for dredging projects in confined harbours with its flexible grab crane and capacity of 100 m3, to the largest vessel of the fleet M/V GRETE FIGHTER, with a hopper capacity of 390 m3 and a powerful Liebherr 974 backhoe capable of excavating down to over 13 m depth.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S ensures that the latest technology in the areas of positioning and dredging monitoring equipment is installed on the working vessels. Therefore the company can supply all the necessary control and documentation that the customer requires.