Diving Works

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has over the years carried out all conceivable types of diving works.

There is great span to the company’s experience with diving activities. Our competence ranges from inspection works of marine construction to the demolishing of disused lighthouses with the use of explosives.

It is possible for divers to be stationed onboard the working vessels, or if necessary, for them to operate independently on their own diving vessel.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has in many years operated their own diving company and diving teams, but due to works all over Europe, it was instead some years ago decided to work with subcontractors for diving operations.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has now a co-operation with different diving companies throughout Europe.

For video inspections we use the latest still and digital video cameras, with added commentary from the diver carrying out the inspection. We can also offer post-production editing and voiceovers. We can supply ROV (Remote Operate Vehicle) for inspections at greater depths or under difficult or hazardous conditions. We also have at our disposal underwater welding and cutting gear, high pressure jetting equipment, underwater positioning equipment and decompression tanks.

With 50 years of experience within diving and marine construction industry, and a staff that takes great pride in carrying out work to the highest possible standards, we guarantee quality. The ever increasing focus quality assurance means that there are great advantages to having experienced divers that can be called in even at short notice. This helps to ensure that quality assurance and control remains at a continual high standard through the running of a contract.