Miscellaneous Works

No project is too large, too small or too complex for PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S to take on. This means that over the last 50 years we have worked on numerous different and exciting projects that are outside of our core business of dredging and stone works. These types of contracts usually require all of our experience and knowledge, combined with a great deal of creative thinking before an optimal solution is arrived at.

Improvisation at the workplace by our experienced crewmembers, using existing equipment in new ways is also important when facing new problems. Every vessel has its own onboard workshop, which gives us the possibility and independence to alter and fabricate equipment at short notice.

At the tender and planning stages of contracts our office staff works very closely with the ship captains, benefiting fromtheir many years of experience, to ensure both economically and technically all of our projects start on a sound foundation.

Examples of the more unusual works that the company has been involved in:

  • Precision levelling of stone and gravel beds


  • Salvage and towing operations


  • Transportation of goods


  • Assembly works


  • “Stonefishing” with stone trawler


  • Heavy lifting operations


  • Concrete casting


  • Blasting operations


  • Clean up operations after oil spills


  • Geotechnical investigations