Piling Works


For many years piling works have been an integrated part of the activities at PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S. It is only natural that a multi purpose vessel is able to drive piles, using many of the standard piling techniques. The company can carry out all sizes of piling works from a single wooden pile in a small yachting marina, to large constructions such as breakwaters and quays.

The company has undertaken many different types of pile driving. The most common piling we carry out is the driving of wooden piles in marinas for new pontoons and mooring positions, along with the carpentry work for the building of the pontoons. The company has also on numerous occasions piled hardwood posts for stone filled breakwaters along with the piling of Azobé and sheet piles.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S can quickly adapt to any new project and is always ready with the most appropriate and experienced crew and equipment. The company continually invests in new technology for the working vessels, to ensure that every contract is carried out in the best possible way.

Many kilometres of wooden piles and countless tons of sheet piles have been driven and no job is too large or too small, as long as it is possible to access it from the water. Even hidden underwater obstructions are of a little problem. The vessels can quickly rig up their wire machine to dig them out, and with such powerful machinery it is easy to pull out old or disused piles.