Pipe and Cable Works

For the past 50 years PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has been one of the leading contractors within the Danish seabed cable and pipe-laying sector.

The company has both the personnel and the technology to be able to carry out many types of marine cable or pipelines work such as:

Digging of trenches.

Laying or removal of pipes, diffusers and cable runs.

Backfilling of trenches and the re-establishment of the seabed.

Whether the project is a district heating pipeline, water pipeline, gas pipeline or HVDC power cable, and whatever the type of cable or pipe; plastic, concrete, steel or copper, we can guarantee a well-executed and well-documented contract. Nor does it matter if the diameter is 10 cm or 20,000 cm in diameter, we can dig, place and backfill it.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S controls a comprehensive fleet of specialised but versatile vessels. The large vessel M/V GRETE FIGHTER is equipped with a Liebherr 974 hydraulic excavator, which can dig trenches in even the hardest of marine clays and chalk. On the other end of the scale is M/V PETER MADSEN, a vessel that can take advantages of its smaller size to work in confined spaces and shallow waters.

With the inclusion of further special equipment, such as high-powered water-jet-trench cutters, and chain-excavators, capacities can be further optimized.

All of our fleet uses the latest advances in positioning and dredging monitoring along with the possibilities for underwater video filming and seabed mapping, meaning that the company can guarantee a high degree of Quality Assurance with full documentation for any prospective client.