Stone Works

Harbour and breakwater construction has been an important activity for PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S since the company’s conception in 1954. Today stone works and scour protection are one of the key areas of works, with varied projects such as:

  • Construction of Breakwaters.


  • Erosion and scour protection in ferry berths.


  • Erosion protection around bridge piers, offshore wind turbines and other marine foundations.


  • Foundation stone beds to lighthouses, offshore wind turbines, transformers and bridge piers.


  • Formation of new marine habitats.


  • Repair of scour and the placement of scour protection.

“Stonefishing” was for many years the main occupation of PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S. Today it is still important to ensure that the seabed is a safe place for construction. With accurate surveys and machine control, PETER MADSEN can efficiently remove glacial dropstones and other obstructions from the paths of high voltage cable ploughs as well as ensuring safety of jack up vessels installing windfarm turbines.

In recent years the company has been involved in some very large marine civil engineeringprojectsand as a result our present work-force has become highly proficient in all types of erosion and scour protection as well as planed stone bed construction. Another benefit from these large projects is that the company has evolved production and control systems to ensure the effective laying of large amounts ofprotection to tight programmes and tolerances. We work with different suppliers and no matter how the stones or scour protection is delivered we have the appropriate equipment to quickly, efficiently and accurately place it into the final position.

We can digitalise the profiles of breakwaters and stone beds so that with the help of dredging monitoring systems and DGPS positioning, the crane/excavator operator can see where each load should be positioned, ensuring accurately placed layers are constructed within specification.

PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S has ensured that it has stayed at the forefront of innovation. By investing in 3 specialized hydraulic planning machines that with the help of a differential pressure sensor system we can place planed stone bed for foundations to extremely high accuracy and reliability. Video equipment positioned on the planning machines ensures that diving assistance is kept to a minimum and optimizes production and control levels