HYDRODAN Engineering A/S is owned by PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S, and has since1989, specialized in hydrographical surveying assignments in connection with the marine construction works carried out by PETER MADSEN REDERI A/S, as well as stand-alone projects for numerous harbour and client organizations.

HYDRODAN Engineering A/S alongside the normal surveying of harbours and navigation channels has also been deeply involved with the two large Danish bridge projects of the 1990’s – The Great belt and the Øresund links. In addition,bar sweeping, surveying of gas lines, inspection of lighthouse and offshore wind turbine foundations are also within the range of activities of the company.

For long term contracts, HYDRODAN Engineering A/S can offer a full site specific package that encompasses all of a client’s requirements, with surveying being carried out at regular intervals and differential plots being produced, showing exactly where sedimentation or erosion is taking place along with full volume calculations.

























Equipment for any project

HYDRODAN Engineering A/S can offer hydrographical surveying with many types of echo sounder and position equipment. Furthermore it is possible to carry out static GPS surveying for establishing highly accurate fixed points in position and height that can be transferred onto the seabed.

For positioning the company primarily uses GPS, and when high accuracy is required Trimble RTK/DGPS is utilised. If GPS is not the optimal solution (under bridges etc.) alternatives can be found to ensure high positioning accuracy.

HYDRODAN Engineering A/S always aims to use the latest hardware and software for the execution of all projects. Navisoft surveying and the most recent dredging software from Reson is utilised for hydrographical surveying.